Two Constellations Workshops

Family Constellations and Nature Constellations-

We are really excited to be offering two constellations workshops on 7th June and 19th July.

Those of you who have worked with Gill Duffield before will know what a treat this is!

You can attend both for a reduced fee, they are complementary.

Workshop 1: 7th June. Family constellations – What if it was not just about you?

How are your relationships? How is your health? Do you find yourself repeating  patterns of behaviour? Do you feel you are not living life to your full potential? What if you have unconsciously taken on beliefs and emotions from your family system?

During the family constellations workshop there will be an opportunity for three people to bring an issue to explore. This could be a problem at work, within the family, with health. The rest of the group may be asked to represent relevant people as we explore the hidden dynamics of your circumstances.

Serving as a representative you will step into another’s shoes, experiencing how deeply we are all woven together in our shared human experience.

Workshop 2:  19th July. Nature, our forgotten connection 

We often have a favourite place to go in nature which uplifts us. We may have a favourite Tree. We may love to be by water. We are part of the natural world and deeply connected to the plants animals and elements within.  

In a nature constellation we are looking at a system in nature and our human relationships with it for the purpose of learning, healing and harmonizing. During the constellation we will have a chance to represent an aspect of nature. It may be a tree, an animal, the earth.  

The constellation offers us a way of listening to our natural world. We may want to pose a question? Or learn how we can deepen and develop our connection within our natural environment. This may be our own garden or an animal we hold dear.  

We may want to discover our place in helping prevent environmental damage.  

The workshop is deeply experiencial and offers fresh insights and understanding

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Gill Duffy - Family Constellation Facilitator

Hello my name is Gill, I work as a homeopath.  

      I studied The Walters Method (then known as Focussed Mindfulness) with Clare Walters for four years for my own healing and self enquiry. I use it within my homeopathic practice. Fifteen years ago I came across family constellations. I acted as a representative in a constellation workshop facilitated by Gillian Kelly in Ambleside. It was as if I had stepped into another’s shoes. From that moment I was hooked! I completed the year foundation course in Ireland with Brendon and Eileen O’Brian. I continue to take part in workshops and am currently studying with family constellation intensive which allows me to learn from a diverse multicultural line up of very experienced facilitators.  

Family constellations reminds us that each of us belong, that we are enough. We come from a family, we all have ancestors. We all come from someone, we all come from some where. We are a part of nature. Family constellations places emphasis on perception and intuition, it allows us to tune in to ‘the knowing field’, a term used by psychiatrist Albrect  Mahr. This experience reminds us we are all connected and part of something much bigger.  

Our attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of the world to a large extent are shaped by our family. We carry their DNA, we learn the first rules and norms from them. This influences our feelings, health, beliefs and choices we make. Sometimes we find ourselves repeating negative patterns or relationships. We may hold on to limiting beliefs, we may feel anxious, depressed or become physically unwell.  

  Family constellation work allows a deep enquiry into our relationships, beliefs and behaviours. A constellation is set up to look at a situation where insights and resolution are sought. This may be a problem with work, a relationship, a pattern of thought or behaviour we are unhappy with.  

When you bring something to work on (issue holder) you will be invited to give a brief explanation of what is troubling you. We will then decide who needs to be represented in the constellation. You will be invited to select members of the group to act as representatives. 

As a representative you are asked to notice any feeling or physical sensations you are experiencing and any movements you feel a desire to make. This is not role play. Movements are made which re- position you in relation to other representatives. You may feel the need to say something.  

As this unfolds new insights and information arises for the issue holder. Hidden dynamics are brought to light. Healing words are spoken to bring situations into alignment. This can bring huge understanding and improvement to the situation or problem. It also has far reaching effects as changes ripple out into what scientist Rupert Sheldrake refers to as the ‘morphic’ field.  

I look forward to sharing this with you.  



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