Relationship/Divorce Coach Training 16.10.19 – 17.10.19

Two day training for therapists.

The training is a two-day workshop (12 hours) for those who have completed the Focussed Mindfulness training or have another similar qualification.  9 hours will be spent exploring the skills needed to support your clients emotionally so they are able to communicate effectively, engage with the divorce process and work towards an outcome that works for all parties involved (the couple, their children and the wider family). 3 hours will be spent on a briefing of the divorce process and the role of the divorce coach.

Absolute Specialists training is experiential. You will work in triads and take on the role of client, practitioner and observer to gain a deep understanding of the tools you will be taught. You will then be given scripts that you can take away and share with your clients.

Mindful Communication©

Mindful communication can be broken down into stages:

  • Mindfulness of self:
    • Inner enquiry: am I centred, calm, objective, ‘feeling myself’?
    • If not, what is going on?
    • TOOLS: mindfulness practice, reflexive practice, conscious writing, supervision, Questioning Thoughts exercise. Frozen Child exercise, Pain Release Process
  • Mindful of partner
    • Listen to words, observe body language, feel emotion
    • Feed back what you have heard and noticed and ask for confirmation that you have understood
    • TOOLS: Conscious listening
  • Mindful response:
    • I am not feeling centred: I will bring myself back to balance or defer the conversation until I do.
    • I am feeling myself and can invite my partner to talk.
    • My partner is now feeling heard and is ready to listen to me.
    • What I want to say is necessary, constructive, kind, owned, relevant, open, respectful and adult.
    • TOOLS: Non-violent communication, Transactional analysis, Frozen Child, Heart to Heart exercise.

At the end of the course you will be asked to reflect on the following:

  • Do you understand the different routes to divorce and have an idea of the sort of client that might be suited to each route?
  • Do you have the required relationship coaching skills or will you commit to acquiring them within a given time?
  • Do you have insurance, professional membership and licence to practice the tools you will need?
  • Are able and willing to work as part of a team and do you have good working relationships with other professionals who will form your client support network?
  • Will you commit to CPD and have regular person-centred supervision?
  • Have you understood and are committed to abiding by Absolute specialist’s ethics and code of conduct?

Course fee: £160 including refreshments and a resource pack.

Email to reserve your place and receive further details.


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