TWM Heals Childhood Trauma

TWM gives people the tools to heal their childhood trauma. It doesn’t require them to talk about their experiences – or even remember them – it simply frees them from the impact it has on their thinking, emotions and responses. 

Find freedom from childhood trauma

TWM gets straight to the root cause

Over the last 3 years 9 TWM practitioners working for Absolute Specialists Wellbeing, our social enterprise, helped over 150 people suffering with anxiety, depression, self-harming, anger, suicidal ideation and other related issues. TWM gets straight to the root cause and reduces the impact it has on our clients’ thinking, feeling and way of being. This freedom is felt right there in the session and we then give them exercises to practice for themselves so they continue to feel better. Due to the effectiveness of the method, outcome measures show that 90% felt significantly improved after 3 sessions.

In almost every case the seeds of the issue were set when they were young. Childhood trauma – which we see as an instant or prolonged time when a child felt unsafe, unloved or unlovable  – happened to some degree to almost all of us. It can have a long term effect on our beliefs, our reactions and how we feel about ourselves.  Our clients don’t need to talk about these times or even remember them because TWM uses a body based approach, addressing them directly. It gives our clients the realisation that childhood trauma caused an unhealthy pattern of thinking, feeling and responding to life. Exercises are then introduced to change the pattern to a freer, more empowered and compassionate one.

The idea that negative early experiences can affect peoples’ mental wellbeing and even their physical health is now widely accepted. But uncovering and talking about these experiences is not normally enough to change anything and can even lead to re-traumatisation. TWM is body based and it uses feeling to get straight to the underlying memories, by-passing the narrative. The exercises we then share with our clients are simple and practical and immediately change their perspective to a calmer, more present and healthier one. 

Valuable tool for all therapists.

People are attracted to the TWM training for may reasons. It may be simply to heal themselves or to add a trauma-healing toolkit to their practice – we have trained pilates and yoga teachers, mindfulness guides, coaches, counsellors, GPs, nurses reflexologists and other complementary therapists. Others come because they want a change in career and are keen to share this life-changing tool with their clients. 

We support our accredited practitioners to build their own private businesses if this is what they want to do. Others join ASW and work as part of a team delivering support to people who are self-harming, survivors of domestic abuse, isolated home-carers or in others way suffering emotional distress.

Contact us to or go to our events page if you would like to join an introductory workshop, foundation course in TWM or a residential retreat.


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