2024: Transform your life with TWM

Embark on a life transforming year in January 2024!

Experience the power of TWM for freeing your mind and finding the clarity and confidence to create the life you are here to live.

Travel through the year with a supportive group and then, if it is your dream,  apply to become a TWM practitioner.

TWM accredited practioners on an away-day.

Clare Walters – lead trainer on the course – has been using TWM for 15 years as the basis of her practice. She helps people free themselves from the impact of  harboured memories and traumas and transform their relationships. 

Her approach is always to listen first and then share the powerful TWM tools  to help people to let go of the pain of old issues; negative, fixed beliefs about themselves and others and life-limiting fears. 

The 2024 TWM course consists of 10 6-hour workshops where you learn the toolkit while freeing your own mind and body from all that is holding you back. These will be in person in Yorkshire.

Day 1 is on January 20th, the rest of the dates will be decided then so we can pick the best dates for everyone.

You will get further support in 10 1-2-1 sessions with your own experienced TWM coach.

You can then apply, if it is your wish, to become a TWM practitioner. You will begin working with others with the support and guidance of a mentor and when you are ready you will attain accreditation as an accredited TWM practitioner

Relationship Coaching Foundation Course with TWM 2024

Workshop title and date


Learning outcomes

Further reading and study

1.Introduction to course:

Introducing some key tools.

Personal learning: developing greater Presence.

Active listening: this is a key skill for everyone wanting to create more trusting relationships with partners, family, community and clients.

Practice in a safe environment, share feedback .

Theory: three-legged stool of spiritual development

Conscious writing exercise:

Empty chair exercise

Meditation: body scan

Recognising the therapeutic benefits of being heard.

Self-awareness: noticing any tendency to rescue, collude or judge. Value of speaking and writing as reflective tools.

Developing an inner supervisor

Experiencing greater presence

Daily practice with the morning mind dump

Reflective journal

– personal challenges and wishes.

Reading: The Gentle Art of Blessing – Pierre Pradervand

2. Questioning thoughts –

Introducing The Work of Byron Katie. This exercise is simple life changing.

Demonstration of questioning thoughts exercise

Theory: unconscious patterns and the reptile brain.

Triad work: questioning thoughts exercise and ‘Shoulds’ exercise.

Feedback and discussion – how can this exercise transform how you relate to others?

Meditation – be still.

Experience of freedom and conscious awareness created by this exercise.

Personal experience of the emotional shift that happens and how this affects how you relate to others.

Reading: Byron Katie, Loving What Is.

Reflective Journal.

Self study with script.

Practice on friends and family.

3. The Frozen Child.

Demonstration of Frozen child exercise

Theory: soothing, therapeutic benefits in trauma/abuse recovery, reacting versus responding.

Triad work

Meditation: soothing the inner child

Explore your own frozen child and empowered adult. Understanding the effects of past trauma on present relationships.

Reading: The Honeymoon Effect Bruce Lipton

Reflective journal-personal ‘wounds’

4. The practice of Mindfulness

Understanding mindfulness, introducing the different schools, experience different meditations, consider establishing your own daily practice.

The complementary benefits of practicing mindfulness alongside TWM. Experience different meditations and get clear on what form of practice will support you for now.

Vidyamala Burch Mindfulness for Health; Jon Kabat-Zinn wherever you go, there you are! ;Thich Nhat Hanh The Miracle Of Mindfulnes.

Insight Timer app.

5. Effortless Emotional Freedom Process

Waves meditation

Demonstration of EEFP.

Theory: levels of consciousness,

being present, living with pain rather than from pain

Triad work

Feedback and discussion: applications in relationship work. Meditation – present moment awareness

Bodily experience of EEFP for freeing emotional and physical pain.

Reading: The Journey Brandon Bays.

Reflective journal- personal pain experiences.

6. Heart to heart

Guided meditation of heart to heart.

Theory: The Lily pad model

Triad work

Feedback and discussion

Meditation: Ho Opono pono

Personal experience of healing past wounds.

Applications in practice

Reading: Zero Limits Joe Vitale

Reflective journal.

Reading: The Body Keeps The Score. Van der Valk


7. Conscious communication, love contracts

Non-violent communication, transactional analysis, demonstrations, theory, triads, feedback, discussion.

Meditation – loving kindness.

Awareness of the power of communication to positively affect relationships, develop skills.

Reading: NVC Marshall Rosenberg, TA Today Stewart and Joines.

 Reflective journal   

8. Memory reframe

Demonstration – phobia cure, memory reframe.

Theory – learned survival strategies. Triads

Feedback and discussion:  Applications in practice Meditation – who am I?

Personal experience of the process. Recognise benefits in your own relationships.

Reading: Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love.

Reflective journal.

9. Parts integration

Demonstration – parts integration.

Theory – Jungian archetypes,

revision of frozen child

Triads – practice  parts exercise.

feedback and discussion.

Meditation – permission to be yourself. Discussion

Personal exploration of dissociation and triggers

Application of process in challenging situations

Reading – Divine Contracts, Caroline Myss,

Reflective journal – parts recognition and triggers

10. Coaching Techniques

Coaching models, GROW, powerful questions, goal setting. Theory and practice in triads. What next? Code of Ethics

Personal exploration of supervision needs and personal and professional development needs. Next steps clarified.

Reflective journal – complete and submit (if continuing into professional training). CPD needs – reflection and submission


Gain your licence to practice TWM in 2024

Please get in touch if you would like to join, it is recommended that you have a 1-2-1 with a TWM practitioner or attend one of the introductory workshops or training courses if you are thinking about join the 2024 transformatory year.

The full fee for the year is £2K payable in monthly instalments. We are happy to help you find funding if you can use this training as part of your job.

Many trainees go on to build successful private practices as TWM practitioners and relationship coaches. We offer continuing support and training to help you do this.


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