The story of TWM

The story behind The Walters Method TWM

TWM effectively frees people from depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma and gives them a healthier, more optimistic and empowered perspective of themselves, their relationships and their lives.

The founder of Absolute Specialists, Clare Walters, has developed a mental health toolkit (TWM) that gives people a means to help themselves at their time of need they often only need 5 sessions with a practitioner before they feel lasting benefit.This is the story behind it.

The Background

In 2010 Dr Walters founded a training company, Absolute Specialists Ltd to teach others TWM so it could be shared more widely. As well as workshops, training courses and private individual session AS runs residential retreats for individuals and small groups of people wanting wrap-around support to delve deeper into their issues.

 In 2018 a charitable arm to the business: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing (ASW) was founded as a vehicle for taking the toolkit to people who would not otherwise be able to access it.

ASW grew rapidly in lockdown, recruiting 9 practitioners, as it was able to offer individual sessions and workshops on zoom to clients throughout the UK. In 2022 the demand for face-to-face sessions has steadily grown and with it the need for practitioners based over a wider area. 

Where we are now

To begin to meet this demand, AS plans to form hubs to deliver practitioner training and then client-faced services in Cheshire, North Yorkshire and Norfolk in 2024.

TWM has now been taught to thousands of people and is recognised as an effective intervention for people with trauma, who are self-harming or feeling suicidal. It is effective with young people from 14 years upwards as well as adults. ASW has won over £ 100K in grants and has 9 practitioners working in schools and accepting referrals from social prescribers and the 24 hour emergency helpline across Kirklees and Calderdale. The results of this work are currently being written up, in conjunction with Lancaster University, for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

The Future

To begin to meet this demand, AS plans to form hubs to deliver practitioner training and then client-faced services in Cheshire, North Yorkshire and Norfolk in 2024.

The Norfolk Hub

The Orchard will be a centre for TWM in Norfolk where AS can train a team of local practitioners to support young people and adults in North east Norfolk.

It will also provide a retreat where TWM practitioners and others in the caring professions can go for a few days rest and regeneration, supported by online or face to face TWM sessions.

Specifically we will:

  • Train 15 practitioners in TWM, supporting them to develop their private practices and also providing them freelance work through  ASW
  • Attract funding to provide mental health support to young people and adults both in NE Norfolk and across the county.
  • Use The Orchard at Bradfield as a local hub for small training workshops and supervision sessions
  • Offer short residential regenerative retreats for 1 or 2 individuals at a time. These may be TWM practitioners or others in the caring professions who are experiencing burnout and exhaustion.
  • Offering the site for others, such as The Healing Harbour to offer small workshops half- day and full-day retreats to people at the end of life and their supporters.
  • Provide space for the Healing Harbour to create a regenerative vegetable garden on the site

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