Stop thinking yourself crazy

Do your thoughts drive you mad?

Do you lie awake thinking you will go crazy unless you can stop them whirring round your head?

Does a memory often pop into your mind, triggering  painful emotions and affecting how you communicate?

This workshop is for you!

The Questioning Thoughts Technique (based on The Work by Byron Katie) will give you instant freedom, leaving you light, empowered and clear.

Use it often and you will train your mind to think differently, turning it into your  best supporter.

Questioning thoughts technique is a key part of the TWM toolkit. it has helped literally thousand of people find peace of mind, transform their relationships and/or find the courage and clarity to make positive changes in their lives.

In this workshop you will see demonstrations of the technique, get the script and practice it in a safe, supportive environment. 

You will see some of the many different ways you can use the technique and some of the subtle twists you can add to it so it fits many different scenarios.

You will gain the confidence to use it for yourself and explore how and when you might share it with friends/clients

In 10 minutes you literally took the veil from my eyes and I saw how it was my thoughts, my mind that were the biggest problem. And the best news is that I now have a simple technique for finding a saner perspective whenever I need it

Join a small, friendly group of like-minded people for a 5 hour workshop in Norwich on 21st October or Huddersfield on 4th November.


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