Start living your life purpose in 2024

Gain a deep understanding of TWM in the 2024 Foundation Course

You are invited to embark on your own journey to heal past pain, release your story about who you are and live with more and more integrity and joy.

The TWM foundation course 2024 will give you a set of short, direct and evidence-based tools. They do not require you to talk about your past pain or your story of limitation and lack, but give you a direct experience of freedom and personal power; insight into your truth and clarity about how you can live an increasingly fulfilling and free life. 

The course consists of 10 workshops over the year delivered by Clare Walters – the founder of TWM – plus individual support as you travel your own journey to emotional freedom.

This is the gateway to the TWM practitioner course should you choose this path in year 2.

The 2024 foundation course starts on 20th January. Course details.

Bridget Jones receiving her licence to practice TWM

Feedback from the class of 2023:

“I never thought I would ever feel free from my emotional pain. Now I have lightness and hope and can see my future path.”

“The course has opened my eyes to why I am the way I am. I have started to accept myself and understand that I have the tools within me to accept change and feel safe and without fear. I am enjoying a happier and more fulfilled life.” Sarah.

“I am more confident in myself and understand where my past behaviour came from. I have learned how to help myself.” Mal.

“I am a better person.”

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TWM accredited practioners on an away-day.

TWM is an evidence-based method for healing trauma, anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional suffering. Our accredited practitioners use TWM in their work as trauma therapists, coaches and councillors. Others use it as a standalone intervention working, for instance, with people who are self-harming; survivors of domestic abuse; people with dependencies and those with a pattern of creating unhealthy relationships. TWM is especially powerful with young people feeling lost and hopeless – see our results here.  A report of our results will be published in 2024 and we are in the process of gaining BACP recognition as a training company.


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