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Foundation course

Course overview

Free yourself from your mental clutter, trauma, emotional baggage, negative thinking, fears and unconscious programming while gaining an experiential understanding of the TWM.

Everyone works on themselves in the foundation year – there are no experts! We all bring our pain, muddles and challenges, learn from each other and concentrate on our personal healing.

The course will be run by Clare Walters – the author and founder of TWM and Anna Boxer – our lead practitioner in the North West.

There are 10 6-hour workshops and 10 1-hour one-to-one sessions with your dedicated guide who will be around for any questions and support throughout the course.

As always with TWM you can heal deeply without needing to talk about painful issues or disclose anything you don’t want to. 

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Course content

1. Introduction to course: Developing Greater Presence.

Active listening; Theory: three-legged stool of spiritual development; conscious writing exercise; empty chair exercise; group feedback and discussions. Meditation: presence. 

Learning: The therapeutic benefits of being heard; morning mind dump; self-awareness: noticing any tendency to rescue, collude or judge; value of speaking and writing as reflective tools; developing an inner supervisor; experiencing greater presence.

Reflective journal – personal healing journey. Reading: ‘A New Earth’, Eckhart Tolle

2. Questioning thoughts: Introducing Byron Katie

Demonstration; theory: unconscious patterns and the reptile brain; triad work: questioning thoughts exercise; feedback and discussion. Meditation – all will be well?

Learning: Experience freedom from ego and the problems our inner judge causes.

Reflection: exploration of applications. Reading: ‘Loving What Is.’ Byron Katie.

3. The Frozen Child: 

Demostration of Frozen Child exercise; theory: soothing, therapeutic benefits in trauma/abuse recovery; reacting versus responding. Triad work. Meditation: soothing the inner child.

Learning: Explore your own frozen child and empowered adult. Understanding the effects of trauma; Lily pond model. 

Reflective journal-personal ‘wounds’. Reading: Reading: ‘The Body Keeps The Score’ Bessel van der Kolk.

4. The practice of Mindfulness

Understanding mindfulness, introducing the different schools, experience different meditations, consider establishing your own daily practice.

Learning: The complementary benefits of practicing mindfulness alongside FM; Experience different meditations and get clear on what form of practice will support you for now.

Reading: Vidyamala Burch ‘Mindfulness for Health’; Jon Kabat-Zinn ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’ ; Thich Nhat Hanh ‘The Miracle Of Mindfulness’. Insight Timer app.

5. Effortless Emotional Release Process

Waves meditation; demonstration of PRP; theory: levels of consciousness, being present, living with pain rather than from pain; triad work; feedback and discussion: applications in practice. Meditation – who am I?

Learning: Experience of freedom and conscious awareness; 

Reflection: Bodily experience of PRP for freeing emotional and physical pain. Reading: ‘The Journey’ Brandon Bays.

6. Heart to Heart

Guided meditation of heart to heart; theory: healing and reconciling past pain; triad work; feedback and discussion. Meditation: Ho Opono pono.

Reflection; Personal experience of benefits; applications in practice. Reading: ‘Zero Limits’ Joe Vitale. ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ Pierre Pradervand.

7. Conscious communication

Non-violent communication, transactional analysis, demonstrations, theory, triads, feedback, discussion.

Reflection: the power of communication to positively affect relationships. Reading: ‘NVC’ Marshall Rosenberg, ‘TA Today’ Stewart and Joines. 

8. Memory reframe and phobia cure

Demonstration; theory – learned survival strategies; triads; feedback and discussion: Applications in practice. Meditation – loving awareness

Reflection: personal experience of the process, recognise benefits in your own relationships. Reading: Marianne Williamson, ‘A Return to Love’.

9. Parts integration

Demonstration; theory – Jungian archetypes, revision of frozen child; triads – practice parts exercise; feedback and discussion. Meditation – permission to be yourself.

Reflection: personal exploration of dissociation and triggers; application of process in challenging situation. Reading – ‘Divine Contracts’ Caroline Myss, 

10. Introduction to Coaching techniques

Coaching models, GROW, powerful questions, goal setting; theory and practice in triads around what next for you? Exploration of supervision, personal and professional development needs. Next steps clarified. Code of Ethics.

Reflection: CPD needs for next year.

Booking – please book for day 1 and explore continuing your course afterwards with Clare. On the day we will set the dates for the other workshops – so bring your diary! This ensures we pick days/dates that are good for everyone, with a bit of give and take. It will be online – but we can plan some in-person dates for later workshops if this is popular.

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The full fee for the year is £2000 payable in 12 instalments. Some concessions are available – talk to Clare !!

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