TWM Helped My Covid Recovery

TWM Supported My Recovery from Post-Viral Fatigue

I had a really tough virus just before Christmas. I tested several times and it wasn’t Covid. Only I think it was. I recognise the strange feeling every time after taking the vaccine. As if the nervous system can’t find the connection to the muscles. And I work with that body awareness every day as a Pilates teacher. TWM really helped my recovery.


I’m rarely ill but this very nearly took me down. Not as in high temperature or even flu, just a head cold. But in phenomenal fatigue. I didn’t even trust that I would be able to walk the 10 minute walk from my studio to my house. Literally. I just wanted to sleep.

And then the low mood crept in, like something alien took over- not to sound dramatic. And no- I don’t believe I needed rest. I’m very fortunate in having a low work tempo and working with lovely clients and with something I love. I’m also very fit physically and practise TWM on a daily basis so also mentally balanced.

But this was different to anything I have experienced. No appetite, no energy.

I used the same tools over and over again, even if falling asleep in the middle of it. PRP, Pain Release Process, and ERP, Emotional Release Process. These two simple processes made me release fear, anger, frustration, sadness and everything else I attached to my condition. It made me trust and love myself enough to try to get up. And then fail. On it again.

After three weeks I tried my normal spin class and it nearly got me unconscious afterwards. Not good. It wasn’t until a week after that I felt , to my surprise, that everything was finding the right way again. I was completely back in my body and soul.

I’m filled with gratefulness, humbleness and understanding for those that suffer from long covid or any other illness for that matter. I wish more would know about the power in TWM when in this situation. The body and soul need all the energy possible to recover and to release energy from those draining emotions and to put that into the physical healing is from my experience a deal breaker. I’m back.



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