TWM – a toolkit for change

It is needed now, it is made for our times.

The Walters Method (TWM) is a really accessible way to drop old unhealthy ways and be free to live our purpose. It is new and it is exciting: we have seen it radically change lives after just 3 one-hour sessions time after time. Suffering individuals need it, our communities need it and the planet needs it now!

On a TWM retreat in Goathland March 2024

I really believe TWM is a toolkit for our times: everyone needs to wake up and play there part – big or small –  in creating a better society that takes care of people and our environment.

It is a holistic approach to mental well-being and personal development. It focusses on freeing the mind from constraints  so we are liberated to be the change!

Here’s a breakdown of its key features and benefits:

  1. Innovative Approach: TWM offers a fresh perspective on releasing all that is holding us back and finding purpose. It incorporates unique techniques not found in traditional therapeutic methods.
  2. Healing and Transformation: TWM not only provides clarity in the moment, it also offers the potential for healing past trauma, resulting in profound transformation of our thoughts and feelings.
  3. Immediate Relief: One of the strengths of TWM is its ability to offer immediate release when we are feeling emotional distress, confusion or doubt. This can be particularly valuable during times of crisis or intense emotional upheaval.
  4. Self-Help Toolkit: TWM provides practical tools that we can use for ourselves. This empowers us to take control of our own mental well-being and stay on track.

Once free our minds can focus on what is really important, feel the courage of certainty, be powered by passion and effect change in our own way.


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