The Focussed Mindfulness Method

What does it do?

The Walters Method TM  supports you to let go of harboured grief, fear, anger and shame leaving you healthier, happier and more peaceful. It frees you from the fixed and unconscious beliefs that drive your thoughts and feelings; releases trauma and allows the possibility of reconciliation.

It is a set of mindset tools that address physical or emotional pain as it arises. Each tool turns the attention away from the thinking mind to whatever feeling is present in the body, guided meditations are then used to uncover the root cause of this pain and begin the process of reconciliation and healing. 

Do the benefits last?

A regular practice increasingly frees your mind and body from any resistance to being fully present and allows you to live more and more fully from the love at your core. It is congruent with and enhance a mindfulness practice such as that taught by Breathworks, and I believe, used together, the complementary approaches make mindfulness more accessible and sustainable.

This is a spiritual practice that will quite simply transform your life.

‘Learn how to use the practice of TWM to free yourself from your negative thoughts, your inner judge, your fears and your pain and over time to become more and more grounded in a peaceful consciousness that gives you a healthier perspective on life.’

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