Clare Walters founder of Focussed Mindfulness method.

Clare Walters

Director: Absolute Specialists Ltd and Founder Director of The Walters Method

I will help you heal from trauma, address your negative thoughts, your fears and your self- judgements. I will give you the tools to support yourself as you continue on your healing journey: soothing anxiety, freeing you from the negative effects of past experiences and supporting you to find passion and purpose in your life.

Where there is a challenge in your life I will gently guide you to a mindful understanding of the issue, to clarity about the change that is needed and to the integrity that will power that change.

The Walters Method gives you the means to free yourself from the negative influences of your past. Once you have made this shift the practice supports you to develop healthier habits. The results that can be achieved from The Method are profound and lasting, and this is belied by its speed and simplicity.


When I look back over the year to see who has had the biggest influence on my life it is you, Clare‘ Carol Carlton.

 ‘Clare’s soulfulness informs all aspects of her being at every level of her life.‘Tim Downes 

You have an incredible gift‘ Phil Norbury 

Clare gently, fiercely and single-mindedly reveals the truth in people helping them to be the best they can be. Clare is a deeply passionate teacher yet practical, light-hearted and funny with it.‘ Jac Beattie 

I felt in safe hands and able to trust in the process and work with whatever came up when I was at my most vulnerable.


The main clinic for Absolute Specialists is in Huddersfield:
We have free parking here and we are 3 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.
I also have the use of clinic space in Leeds and Wakefield and work online with people all over the world.

You can contact me to make an appointment at any of these on 01484 866747 or 07984115927 or email:

You can use this link to book a session on line Book a session

A bit about me:

Mindfulness is a way of life for me. The most notable guides in my practice are Sri Ramana Maharshi , Gangaji, Kevin Billet and Brandon Bays: Eastern, deeply spiritual roots but with a practical, Western spin. I can guide you to be more mindful in your work, your relationships and your personal life.

As the founder of Absolute Specialists and author of The Walters Method I am confident in using these therapeutic and coaching tools in a creative way to support you in resolving your particular issues. Before developing the techniques I had 15 years’ experience as a therapist and 3 years as a transformational coach. I have trained with the world’s leaders in transformational coaching.

In my practice, I now specialise in training and supervising other teachers of The Walters Method.

I offer people relationship coaching and help with chronic mental and physical health conditions.

I love to work with individuals who are interested in deepening their spiritual and healing journey.


  • Qualified Journey Practitioner 2008
  • Trained in The Work, Non-Personal Awareness, Ultimate Healing, Inner child work, Homeopathy.
  • Member of the Complex Trauma Institute
  • Qualified supervision training with the ARH in 2000 and with Sheila Ryan
  • Qualified Journey Practitioner 2008
  • Licenced at the Sheffield School of homeopathy in 1998
  • Doctorate in biological sciences.


  • 23 years as a homeopath working privately and for the NHS specialising in fibromyalgia and IBS
  • 13 years as a transformational coach
  • 11 years as head trainer and regulator at Absolute Specialists Ltd
  • 3 years as CEO of our social enterprise:

Other Information

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Twitter @absolutespc


or call 07984115927


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