Beth Abbott

Beth will help you to:

  • develop self-awareness and resilience,
  • work through life events that are affecting your emotional health,
  • become conscious of habitual behaviors and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back in life,
  • learn how to tune into your true authentic self (gut instinct or inner voice),
  • live more freely and consciously
  • and be more confident, happy and integrated.

TWM can be applied in both personal and professional practice.

Beth is a qualified occupational therapist (OT) with eight years’ experience of working in both physical and mental health and is an integrative therapist and coach using the TWM approach. TWM and occupational therapy complement each other well, both having a holistic and wholesome approach to maximising well-being, self-awareness and resilience.

Beth uses her skills and knowledge to support and enlighten others, teaching them how to tune into resources that are already instilled within them to bring about deep emotional intelligence, intuition and integrity. The Focussed Mindfulness tools get quickly and directly to the root cause of any emotional issues that cause unnecessary physical or emotional pain and suffering. They tackle them head on, ultimately bringing freedom from self-limitations so they can go on to live the lives they consciously want.

Beth was first introduced to TWM and Clare Walters, its founder, following a challenging life event several years ago. Later, it was the lifeline that supported and guided her through postnatal depression following the birth of her daughter in 2016. Alongside her professional training Beth has completed she has taken a conscious choice to personally live and practice the simple but life-changing techniques. This is taking Beth on a journey of self-exploration and is adding further depth to her personal and professional development and has instilled a lifelong toolkit of innate wisdom, knowing and love for herself.


Based: Huddersfield/Kirklees area

Offering: 1:1 guidance sessions.


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