Anna Boxer Pilates teacher and accredited focussed mindfulness trainer.

Anna Boxer

Director: Absolute Specialists Ltd North West.

I truly believe we all want to be as present as we can in our lives and that we all strive to live it to the full. But what if we carry with us behaviours that worked for us at an early stage when we adjusted to life in our family and community? Behaviours that now are not helpful but actually stop us from being just that- present and our true selves. These behaviours and beliefs are part of storylines we might not even hear or remember, they just run in the background.

The Walters Method can help you in discovering these storylines and beliefs   and then help you to deal with them in a way which gives you back your ability to act and live in a mindful way, true to yourself. I feel passionate as a practitioner about guiding you and then giving you these tools to work with yourself. Speaking from my own experience, it’s a journey well worth taking -filled with insight, sometimes surprising but at times also light-hearted.

I’m Swedish and my professional background is within heritage and conservation. I worked as Historic Buildings Inspector and team leader for Historic England before pursuing a career as TWM Practitioner, Comprehensive Pilates teacher and fitness Instructor.  I have experience with training dogs and have always had an interest in studying body language.




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