Clare Walters

Clare Walters founder of Focussed Mindfulness method.

Director: Absolute Specialists Ltd. I will support you in your transformation to a more confident, compassionate and congruent being so you can be the best version of yourself more and more of the time. I will help you heal from trauma, address your negative thoughts, your fears and your self- judgements. I will give you […]

Anna Boxer

Anna Boxer Pilates teacher and accredited focussed mindfulness trainer.

Director: Absolute Specialists Ltd North West. I truly believe we all want to be as present as we can in our lives and that we all strive to live it to the full. But what if we carry with us behaviours that worked for us at an early stage when we adjusted to life in […]

Bridget Jones

Board member: Absolute Specialists Ltd. Bridget is a Registered General Nurse (RGN; BA (hons), MSc) with over 30 years experience. She has worked in a variety of health and social care settings including over 10 years in Public health and disease prevention. She holds a master’s degree in Health Education and Health promotion. Bridget is […]

Hazel Bamber

My experience of life has been that most of us have some periods where our coping strategies just aren’t sufficient any more. It may be the death of someone close or loss of job or relationship or other change that feels enormous. We may feel overwhelmed, exhausted all the time, anxious, depressed, or a combination […]

Lisa Tilsley

Lisa is a person-centred counselor, TWM practitioner and supervisor and relationship coach. She has over 8 years’ experience in mental health within the private, public and voluntary sectors. She is currently in private practice whilst also offering her services to a school staff wellbeing service. Lisa has deepened her therapeutic and relational skills since undertaking […]


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