Equality and diversity policy

Revised September 2023


As part of the commitment made by The Walters Method (TWM) to Equality of Opportunity it has adopted a Policy statement covering its practices and procedures.

This policy statement covers our policy towards our members, subcontractors and clients and should be adopted by all in relation to anyone they come into contact with in the course of their TWM duties.

This document outlines the policy that must be strictly adhered to by all people working for and on behalf of TWM. All breaches of this policy will be investigated and, where appropriate, disciplinary procedures followed.

Equal Opportunities

Relates to treating people as individuals to create the same opportunities. Equal Opportunities in particular relates to a Legal Framework, which makes it illegal to discriminate against people because they belong to particular groups.


Diversity is a broader concept that builds upon the progress made through equal opportunities. Everyone is different and diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing the differences we each bring to work.

Equal opportunities and diversity work together by addressing the inequalities and barriers faced by people in under-represented groups and by valuing, learning and benefiting from the diverse cultures in society and our staff.

General Statement of Policy

It is the Company’s policy that no sub-contractor, employee or client will receive less favourable treatment or be disadvantaged by any circumstances, conditions or requirements that cannot be justified.

The Policy Statement

TWM recognises that people are discriminated against and will make every effort to ensure they do not unreasonably exclude any individual from access to any activities, goods, facilities or services, or any employment opportunities, that they offer.

TWM’s policy is that all members, subcontractors and clients regardless of their background and motivation are equally able to access all opportunities available to them. This may mean that reasonable adjustments need to be made to the premises, environment, assessment methodology etc to allow this to happen.


As a company committed to equality and diversity in all its practices TWM recognises that groups and individuals are discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, nationality, colour of skin, sexuality, gender reassignment, impairment (physical, sensory or learning), physical appearance, marital or other life status, religious or political belief and other differences that cannot be justified. Every member, subcontractors and client is entitled to expect equality of opportunity in all aspects of their engagement with TWM including its terms and conditions. Every potential employee is entitled to expect the recruitment process to be free of all unreasonable barriers. All members, subcontractors and clients of the Company shall be made aware of this policy and its implications for them.

What we Expect from our members, subcontractors and clients

Whilst the responsibility for creating and monitoring a culture of equality of opportunity rests with the Company, its success relies on each member playing their part. Members, subcontractors and clients have a number of responsibilities; many of which are directly related to their jobs, but the following are general instructions that apply to everyone:

a) everybody shall comply with measures that are

introduced to ensure equality of opportunity and non- discrimination. Training appropriate to each role will be provided.

b) those individuals responsible for others are not to

discriminate when applying processes relating to the training, advancement, performance management, transfer, redeployment, discipline, retirement, dismissal or redundancy, benefits, facilities and services

c) nobody shall induce, or attempt to induce anyone else to discriminate

d) nobody shall victimise an individual on the grounds that they have made complaints or provided information about discrimination or harassment.

e) nobody shall harass, abuse or intimidate another

person on any grounds.

Publicising and Advertising Vacancies All vacancies shall first be advertised internally in the first instance; if no internal candidate is appointed then the post shall be advertised externally. All recruitment material and processes, including advertisements will be available, or be offered, in a variety of media that reflects the basic requirements of the post. Use shall be made of local media, job centres and careers offices. Potential applicants shall be given clear and accurate information about posts through a job description and person specification that includes only requirements that are necessary and justifiable for the effective performance for the job. Advertisements in printed media shall adhere to clear print guidelines. All recruitment advertisements shall draw attention to the Company’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and that any applicant for a post who wishes to declare that they have a disability and who satisfies the job description and person specification will be offered an interview.


Recruitment practice and procedures shall be as open and as barrier free as possible.

Application forms and other supporting material shall be free of personal questions or requests for information from which inferences could be drawn as to the status of an individual that are irrelevant to the job description. Selection criteria shall be kept under review to ensure that they are justifiable for the effective execution of the job.

More than one person shall be involved in shortlisting and selection for interview, and all involved shall have received training in equality and diversity.

Reasons for selection or rejection of applicants shall be recorded.

All information relating to the applicant’s personal characteristics (including those protected by law) will be restricted to the confidential monitoring form which will be detached from the application form prior to being sifted. This is to ensure that information which could lead to discrimination is not available to the recruiters.

Any applicant for a post who wishes to declare that they have a disability and who satisfies the job description and person specification will be offered an interview. A statement to this effect shall appear in recruitment material and any advertisement.


The Company’s policy of equality extends to training; this covers its general training programme and training in disability awareness and equality and diversity training.

Each member, subcontractor and client has the right to expect not to be unreasonably discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, in the opportunities to be trained, in how it is provided, where it is provided and through what medium.

All new members and sub-contractors shall receive induction training within one month of starting work to give them a good understanding of the organisation and its policies and practices Regular and appropriate training will be provided to all members and subcontractors to enable them to perform their jobs effectively and to ensure that they have the best opportunities for advancement.

Terms and Conditions of Employment The Company complies with the 2010 Equality Act and is committed to ensuring that they do not unreasonably discriminate against any individual in the terms and conditions, both contractual and implied, within which they offer and provide employment. Staff facilities and services shall be equally available to all employees and where, for reasons of space and cost, this is not being achieved, reasonable alterations will be made. Contracts and Terms and Conditions of employment shall be made available in a variety of media and positive consideration will always be given to requests for them in other formats.

Monitoring The policy Director is responsible for monitoring the effective implementation of the Equality & Diversity Policy with overall responsibility for its implementation and supervision remaining with the Company.

All aspects of Personnel policies and procedures shall be kept under review and as part of this, and in order to identify the effectiveness of Policy implementation, an anonymous and confidential record maintained giving a profile of the Company’s staff make up. A voluntary monitoring form shall be issued with every application form with a separate and identifiable envelope for its return with the application. The Policy Director or their representative shall ensure that they remain un-opened until a successful appointment has been made. The information will then be logged for monitoring purposes.

Reporting and Handling Equality and Diversity Issues

All staff have the ability to raise concerns about the implementation of Equality and Diversity. The company takes such concerns seriously and wishes to be in a position to address any such concerns quickly and to monitor where trends may be occurring, whether due to unintended consequences of other policies and procedures or otherwise. To this end any and all members, subcontractors and clients who have a concern or complaint should first raise this with the Policy Director and/or report this using the complaints procedures.

Such complaints will be collated by the Policy Director and investigated individually. Where appropriate the complainant will receive feedback on the action taken to remedy the complaint or prevent a recurrence of an issue.

Each incident will be reported at the Senior Management Meeting and will be reviewed Annually at the Management Review Meeting.

All members and subcontractors have a responsibility to report any incidents of an Equality and Diversity nature that are reported or highlighted by a learner or other customer or client of TWM. These incidents must be reported promptly to the policy director to investigate and either address directly or advise the appropriate person on action to take.

E and D lead: Hazel Bamber


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