Focussed Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Just 3 Focussed Mindfulness  sessions significantly reduce anxiety, low mood, exhaustion and frustration study finds. Our observations backed up by science We are not surprised, we knew we were seeing

FMM Changes Everything

The focussed mindfulness method TM (FMM) changes the way you think, and when your thoughts change, everything changes!  Book on the. introductory 2 hour online workshop: 10.30 on Saturday October

The Ego or The Planet?

Ever since the big bang and probably before even that – the universe has been evolving: from a hydrogen cloud through the birth of Earth, the appearance of the first

Keeping Steady in Disruptive Times

Times are so uncertain at the moment with the quadruple whammy of Covid 19, Brexit, climate crisis and ecological collapse. On top of that, a lot of us have massive

You Don’t Have To Talk About It

Would you prefer to resolve troubling issues without having to talk about them? The Focussed Mindfulness MethodTM (FMM) works directly with feelings in the body and so accesses your hurt,

Ending a Controlling Relationship

Some tips and guidance if you recognise that your partner is controlling, coercive or abusive. Take time to plan and prepare before you make a change.

Anxiety to Ease for Abuse Survivor

 ‘I came to see Clare to learn the Focussed Mindfulness Method because I have suffered intense anxiety and panic attacks since a teenager, I am now 56. These mental health

Evidence-based Relationship Coach Training.

Relationship coach training In this online relationship coach training course I share what I have learned through personal experience, my training in evidence-based research and my extensive training in professional


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