Autumn Retreat in Goathland

TWM and Pilates Retreat 27-30th September Free yourself from all that holds you back and leave lighter, stronger and more connected to your values, purpose and passion.  ‘A lovely warm,

TWM – a toolkit for change

It is needed now, it is made for our times. The Walters Method (TWM) is a really accessible way to drop old unhealthy ways and be free to live our purpose.

TWM’s Community Work

TWM awarded £20K to Support Kirklees Survivors of Domestic Abuse TWm is a not-for-profit company that works in the community of Kirklees and across West Yorkshire. We are delighted to

Freedom from Anxiety with Focussed Mindfulness

This is Lou’s Focussed Mindfulness story – she has had debilitating anxiety all her life. Hi, Lou, thanks for sharing your experience of Focussed Mindfulness. Why did you first seek

Anna Joins The AS Team

Anna Joins The team! Anna is joining the team at Absolute Specialists as the Director for the North West. She wants others to enjoy the benefits Focussed Mindfulness has given

You Don’t Have To Talk About It

Would you prefer to resolve troubling issues without having to talk about them? The Focussed Mindfulness MethodTM (FMM) works directly with feelings in the body and so accesses your hurt,

Evidence-based Relationship Coach Training.

Relationship coach training In this online relationship coach training course I share what I have learned through personal experience, my training in evidence-based research and my extensive training in professional

The Frozen Child Technique

The Frozen Child technique works directly with trauma memories, even when these have been buried deep in the unconscious and cut off entirely from the conscious mind. Used alongside other

The Milking Stool©

Clare Walters January 2019. Inspired by Richard Rohr.   A milking stool has 3 legs, it is a useful image to illustrate different and equally important facets to personal development.

Two Constellations Workshops

Family Constellations and Nature Constellations- We are really excited to be offering two constellations workshops on 7th June and 19th July. Those of you who have worked with Gill Duffield

TWM Helped My Covid Recovery

TWM Supported My Recovery from Post-Viral Fatigue I had a really tough virus just before Christmas. I tested several times and it wasn’t Covid. Only I think it was. I

Start living your life purpose in 2024

Gain a deep understanding of TWM in the 2024 Foundation Course You are invited to embark on your own journey to heal past pain, release your story about who you

Wanted! SMEs To Pilot Our New Service

Are you an SME Looking to Support Your Team’s Wellbeing? We want 5 SMEs to pilot our new Workplace Wellbeing Service. We are offering reduced rates in return for feedback


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