Clare Walters

Clare Walters founder of Focussed Mindfulness method.

Director: Absolute Specialists Ltd and Founder Director of The Walters Method I will help you heal from trauma, address your negative thoughts, your fears and your self- judgements. I will give you the tools to support yourself as you continue on your healing journey: soothing anxiety, freeing you from the negative effects of past experiences […]

Lisa Tilsley

Lisa is a person-centred counselor, TWM practitioner and supervisor and relationship coach. She has over 8 years’ experience in mental health within the private, public and voluntary sectors. She is currently in private practice whilst also offering her services to a school staff wellbeing service. Lisa has deepened her therapeutic and relational skills since undertaking […]

Beth Abbott

Beth will help you to: TWM can be applied in both personal and professional practice. Beth is a qualified occupational therapist (OT) with eight years’ experience of working in both physical and mental health and is an integrative therapist and coach using the TWM approach. TWM and occupational therapy complement each other well, both having […]

Lynne Carrol

Lynne has a business background and Masters Degree in Design. Whilst working with small business to develop them she became involved with business coaching, and she completed the Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Course. More recently having completed the TWM course she has discovered personally the power and effectiveness that these simple techniques have for personal […]

Lynne Butterfield

Lynne is inspired to help others who have suffered trauma, depression, anxiety, setbacks and are struggling with their day today life, physical or mental well-being.  She will guide and help you, to achieve confidence, happiness and a sense of balance in your life. Lynne holds a BA (hons) degree in sociology and English Literature and […]


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