Training with Us

Absolute Specialists Ltd offer courses in integrative coaching, relationship coaching and supervision.

Our coaches are highly trained, experienced and flexible. They can select from a range of approaches and so work with a wide diversity of issues, personalities and emotional and physical health challenges.

They are licenced to use Focussed Mindfulness: a deep, direct and powerful approach that uncovers and deals with the root cause of any fear, confusion and self-imposed limitations. This helps to free their client’s mind so they can see clearly where they need to go and how to get there. It also gives them tools that will support them to continue to make good choices along their journey.

Our coaches have used Focussed Mindfulness to address their own issues and continue to be supported by a person-centred supervisor. They aspire to be fully present, work with integrity and deeply listen to their clients before teaching them how to find their own healing, values and path forwards.

In year one, the foundation year, students gain the basic skills of Focussed Mindfulness and use them to support their own development so they begin to live the change their clients are seeking.

It involves 10 full-day workshops, 10 one-to-one supervision sessions and 5 teaching clinics.

Students can attend workshops in applied integrative coaching, relationship coaching and supervision either concurrently or in their second year.

‘’THANK YOU. What you have given me is the greatest gift I could have received, an inner peace and an insight into me.  I am immensely privileged to be training with such a skilled teacher.” SP current student.

‘’As a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner and counsellor, training as an integrative coach has massively enhanced my practise. It’s so important in my line of work to be my authentic self and to ensure my own fitness to practise. I now have an even deeper connection and empathy with my clients and sense of their needs and can offer the techniques when needed in their own healing journey … they are indeed a true gift.’’ Lisa.

Year 1: Foundation

This course builds strong foundations. It consists of 10 one-to-one supervision sessions, 10 workshops and 5 teaching clinics where you observe experienced practitioners work with real-life clients, plus a reading list, peer to peer support, practice sessions and ongoing support where needed. The entire year is experiential so you bodily understand the Focussed Mindfulness approach, begin to live in a more integrated, mindful way and become increasingly confident in using the tools.

Focussed Mindfulness©turns your curiosity within to a sensation in your body and then deeper to the feeling at its core. This exploration allows you to become aware of some unresolved emotional pain, trauma or self-denial that you are holding, possibly deeply buried in your unconscious. Different processes then address, heal and release this pain, leaving you feeling freer, more joyful and empowered. From this perspective you gain insight into yourself and others and see a healthier way of being.

Year 1 workshops:

  • Listening, Empty chair and conscious writing
  • Questioning thoughts
  • The Wounded child
  • The Pain Release Process
  • Enneagram 1/revise QT
  • Enneagram 2/ revise PRP
  • Heart to heart
  • Parts integration
  • Children’s meditation
  • Ethics, supervised practice, outcome measures

Teaching clinics will be 5 3-hour sessions where you observe an experienced practitioner working with real-life clients and then join in a critique of the session.

Supervision sessions will be with an experienced practitioner and at a time and location convenient to you.

Year 2: Applied coaching and advanced skills

In year two you build on your experience and confidence, reflect on the approach you will use with different client groups and learn some powerful advanced techniques. You will continue to be supported by your peers and teachers to become more integrated, confident and skilled as a practitioner.

This will be a year of 10 workshops, 10 one-to-one supervision sessions, 5 group practice sessions and 5 teaching clinics. You may not need or want to attend all the workshops – please talk to me about your individual learning requirements. You can attend these workshops in year 1 if you wish to undertake an intensive, fast track course. Doing this does not, however, guarantee that you will be fit to practice any sooner. You grow in to the role and this process cannot be hurried.

Each workshop will be around a theme. We will consider the challenges and approach needed and you will learn new skills to develop your practice in this area. Topics:

  • Coaching models (up to three workshops)
  • Trauma/ Sexual abuse
  • Supervision/the law/safeguarding
  • Couples and relationship work, communication skills
  • Divorce
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Alcoholism and other addictions
  • Stress, depression and anxiety/working in the corporate environment
  • Physical and mental illness, blocks to recovery
  • End of life, ageing and palliative care
  • Building a successful practice


Gaining your licence.

Once you are confident and proficient with the techniques you can begin to work with clients under supervision. Moving to independent practice is a gradual process and the speed you do this depends on your level of experience and your aptitude for the work.


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