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Our self-harm support toolkit really helps.

'I just cant see a way out'

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‘I feel that I am worth something – you have helped me see things differently’ Jesse, 16

  • Most of our clients feel less anxious and happier by the end of the first appointment.
  • 90% find that their symptoms are significantly better after 3 sessions.
  • We have practitioners who specialise in working with young people from 14 upwards, and others who work with adults.
  • We can help with self-harming behaviour, suicidal thoughts, chronic anxiety and low mood.
  • We use The Focussed Mindfulness Method TM which means our clients do not need to talk about anything they do not want to.

It can be very hard for young people to navigate life

Call or message 07984115927

‘I can self-soothe now when I feel angry, I don’t need to hurt myself’ 

Absolute Specialists accredited practitioners are experienced at helping people who are struggling with their mental health. We teach a toolkit that gives them something they can turn to when they really need it.

We get really good results with people who self-harm, have chronic anxiety or are feeling low. 

The exercises we teach make them feel better straight away and they are encouraged to use them for themselves between sessions so they continue to improve, develop healthier habits and gain a better outlook on life. 

A course of support is normally 5 sessions and we offer WhatsApp contact between.

The service is confidential – although we do make it clear to all our clients that we will need to refer them to emergency services if we are concerned for their safety.

‘Really lovely, down to earth practitioner who made me feel  empowered’ – Chris, 19

‘My practitioner was friendly, supportive and professional. And because most of the work is guided there was no need to share lots of emotional details with her.’  Jen, 55

‘I am blown away – this has actually worked – massive improvement.’ Tory, 30

Self-harming can be a cry for help

Call 07984115927 to speak to a practitioner in confidence and arrange a session at a time to suit you. Consultations are normally online but face to face may be possible in some cases.

Fees are £50-£70 a session, £325 for a course including WhatsApp support.

if you prefer to chat anonymously please contact https://www.kooth.com/

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