Sharing the Benefits of Focussed Mindfulness

I don’t know about you, but September always feels like the start of the year for me as I look forwards to beginning anew, recharged after the summer break.

Ahead of this ‘new term’ I met with some Focussed Mindfulness practitioners to do a spot of planning and visioning. What was clear from the meeting was our shared desire to share the benefits of Focussed Mindfulness more widely and support more people to continue practicing regularly. We know this will lead to  more and more people freeing themselves from their old patterns of busy-ness, emotional reactions and negative thoughts and becoming their wise, calm, kind, happy selves more and more of the time.

To do this we want to continue to build the supportive community we all value so much: so many people say it is like coming back to family when they reconnect with us. So, over the coming months we will be offering meditation groups, workshops and training sessions, led by your local practitioner, in hubs across the country. These hubs will be connected and supported by what we have given the working title ‘The Mother Ship’, though I think the name may stick! This will be at the heart of the hubs, supporting our practitioners and organising retreats, practitioner training and online events to keep us all connected.

Over the past year many of our practitioners have been working for our social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing (ASW), offering support for home carers isolating during the pandemic. In the coming year we will be continuing with this service; supporting other people who have been impacted by the pandemic and also working with those who self-harm. As ASW continues to grow and attract more funding we will be needing more accredited practitioners to get involved, so we are running two Focussed Mindfulness training courses in 2022 – one online and one in person. There will be more details coming out in the near future – so if you are at all interested in this opportunity you can find out more!

I’ll be sending out regular newsletters with more information on the hubs, meditation evenings, introductory workshops, training days, retreat and course hoping there will be something there for everyone!

Hoping to see you soon, either on line or in person.


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