Relationship Coach Training

Relationship Coach Training Workshop 9th – 11th July 2016

Open to anyone who has attended focussed mindfulness training – at any level – in the past.

This will be a 3 day workshop rich with learning and connections to:

  • Collectively consider the role of a relationship coach and come up with your definition
  • Learn some new tools that are invaluable for supporting someone looking to improve their relationship (S).
  • Revisit focussed mindfulness tools and see how they can be adapted to fit this client group
  • Reflect on your own values, fears, and blocks around relationships.
  • How do you love? – what is your own language of love – how do you give and want to receive love?
  • Explore when to call in The Law – working with family lawyers and mediators.
  • Consider what qualification as an Absolute Relationship Coach would entail for you.



£300 training fee

£25 venue and catering – all meals from morning coffee on 9th to afternoon tea on 11th

£20 a night b and b

Deposit required by June 1st. numbers limited to 9.

Call Clare 07984115927 or email to secure your place



Absolute Healing Blog

Focussed Mindfulness fixed my Panic Attacks

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness, Focussed Mindfulness Training on 22/08/2016

FM Intensive Retreat

After years of struggling with anxiety and overwhelming panic attacks, I was in a dark place and believed this is how my life would always be. I felt hopeless and didn’t know what was happening to me. I’m 23, surely life isn’t meant to be this awful! I’d lost confidence, motivation and any sense of who I was. Worst of all, I saw no way out.

Focussed Mindfulness was recommended to me by a family member. What did I have to lose? I wasn’t sure. All I knew was I didn’t want to feel this way any longer.

I was so nervous on that first morning. Clare led the Intensive 3 day course, supported by Lisa, and I immediately felt I was in a safe and supportive place as we began to open up to each other and share our reasons for being here. I wasn’t the only one feeling lost and struggling, I was not alone.

Being part of this group meant I didn’t have to hide my darkness and struggles, I could be really honest and I didn’t have to walk on eggshells. Most of all, I believed that I wouldn’t be judged and that I could face my deepest fears. I felt such relief as people listened and accepted me as I am with no expectations.

The techniques and processes used over the course allowed me to go to the places I didn’t dare go alone. I faced my demons and felt truly supported in ways I’d not experienced before. Each of us wanted to be free of our emotional pain and to understand what had held us back in life so we could move forwards and enjoy life and all it has to offer.

What I liked best and found most helpful was the support I was given through each process. It wasn’t easy to be vulnerable with people I’d only just met but Clare and Lisa have such a loving and no-nonsense way about them that I felt safe in their very capable hands. Best of all, it enabled me to admit what I wanted for myself and to believe that I, and my life, could be so much more.

This weekend has helped me so much and I went straight back into work. I still had some anxiety but now accept that it’s because I’m not doing work that I love and am not honouring my true desires. I’ve started the healing process and have more self-awareness and less fear about my future. I’m changing and everyone around me is responding differently. I have the power to choose how my life will be.

I would recommend this course to everyone who struggles and suffers. If I can open up to it and be changed then I truly believe everyone else can too. I’ll be forever grateful for this chance and am now feeling more positive and hopeful about my future. Thank you Clare and Lisa.

[The programme can be delivered in five one to one sessions where this is more suitable. Contact us now to get started


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