Your Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit Taught Online.

We teach an emotional wellbeing toolkit online. We offer bespoke support from an experienced Focussed Mindfulness practitioner at a time convenient to you.This will get to the root of whatever is driving your fears, negative thoughts or busy mind and show you how you can let it go. You can use this for your own personal development or as CPD.

You can book a single session to discuss your particular issue. You will have a chance to talk it through be and if you wish you can be guided through a Focussed Mindfulness process that will reveal the root cause of your issue and offer some insight, healing and release from it. Then you can arrange for further sessions if you feel this will be of benefit.

Email here to arrange the hour-long session at convenient time for you. The fee for this is £70.

You can then upgrade, if you wish, to receive ongoing support by video link and email. This is part of the package if you take the online course: Find Peace of Mind with Focussed Mindfulness.

Your personal guide will support you as you uncover deeply held blocks to peace, heal from the emotional pain and free yourself from the formative memories so they no longer affect your peace of mind.

There is something very powerful about being held in this way. Even practiced and awakened people gain deeper insight and a more powerful experience of freedom when they work with a guide, and when you are starting out, it is invaluable to have someone to help you navigate through the processes and reach the real sources of your blocks to peace.

Five one-hour online sessions plus email support ( up to two hours of practitioner time) is £325. Book here


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