New course in Integrative Coaching

New Course in Integrative Coaching

Integrative Coaching frees your mind so you can see clearly where you need to go and how to get there. It then gives you tools that support you to continue to make good choices along your journey.

It is deep, direct and powerful. It uncovers and deals with the root cause of any fear, confusion and self-imposed limitations and leaves you calm, clear and empowered.

Absolute Specialists Integrative Coaches © will practice Focussed Mindfulness which is direct, powerful and deep. They will have used it to clear their own issues. They will work with integrity and be able to deeply listen to their clients before teaching them how to find their own healing, values and path forwards.

Book an integrative coaching session with one of our practitioners to work on your own physical, emotional and mental health or to address a particular challenge in your work or personal life. They are all full trained, licenced, insured and regulated.

Integrative Coaching can help with:

Building healthier relationships

Life changes and challenges

Career development

Divorcing with integrity

Work stress


Mental and emotional health

Chronic pain and illness

Person centred supervision for people in the caring professions


Sign up to train as an integrative coach.

In the first year you will work on yourself and build a deep understanding of the approach and the techniques

In the second year you will explore how to apply your learning to client groups

Throughout the training you will be supported by group and one to one sessions alongside practical workshops and teaching clinics




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