Focussed Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Just 3 Focussed Mindfulness  sessions significantly reduce anxiety, low mood, exhaustion and frustration study finds.

Our observations backed up by science

We are not surprised, we knew we were seeing amazing improvements in people suffering emotional symptoms, but it is great to have our results validated by a scientific study.

We asked 70 people  to tell us why they wanted Focussed Mindfulness sessions before they began work and to score how bad they felt. Not surprisingly in these challenging times, most were suffering from anxiety, with low mood, exhaustion and frustration close behind.

After 3 sessions, held a week or two apart, we asked them to score again and a staggering 90% said they were significantly better! And we know from working longer term with people that these improvements are likely to continue and build. so we can safely say Focussed Mindfulness reduces anxiety.

Clients very happy with results

Throughout the pandemic we have supported people caring for someone at home. The words they used to describe how they feel at the end of a session let us know we are on track:

“Happy; relieved; calm; relaxed; refreshed; empowered; more loving”

What is the secret?

The secret is in our approach – we use the Focussed Mindfulness Method. We know that folk are different and find different approaches work for them, so we work with each client to find which tool in our toolkit really hits the spot for them. With each tool the result is the same – it highlights the root cause of the issue which has been driving thoughts and feelings, possibly for most of their lives, and gives them an experience of freedom. Once they know how quickly and easily they can move from a state of emotional pain to one of calmness, confidence and acceptance it gives them the incentive to keep practicing. We encourage them to use the tool often, daily if possible, and they find that emotional wellbeing becomes easier and easier to access and maintain.

Scientifically validated

Our results are currently being analysed and will be published in a scientific journal. This is very exciting for us – The Focussed Mindfulness Method is still a new intervention and we are delighted that soon it will be recognised as ‘scientifically proven’.


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