FMM Changes Everything

The focussed mindfulness method TM (FMM) changes the way you think, and when your thoughts change, everything changes! 

Book on the. introductory 2 hour online workshop: 10.30 on Saturday October 16th.

FMM is a blend of mindfulness, coaching and guided exercises that get straight to the root cause of your ‘stuff’ and deals with it so it no longer affects how you think and react,  leaving you free to live your true purpose.

It changes your habitual, unconscious responses, whether they are negative thoughts about yourself, fixed beliefs or traumatic memories that affect how you are in the world, making you defensive, angry, fearful, ashamed, careless, grief stricken or depressed. Free of these thoughts you can meet life with confidence, power, purpose, joy and love: it changes everything!. 

FMM is really quick, people get a healthier perspective on themselves straight away. Then with practice they find it easier and easier to live more mindfully.

The results that have been achieved by people who practice the method have been amazing, and they stick. They are truly life changing!

Lynda struggled to get over the loss of her husband, her life closed down as she retreated further and further into her misery, believing she could never move forward without him. FMM supported her to let go of all but the enduring love and gratitude she had for him and begin a new chapter, revitalised and excited about the future.

Jude (not his real name) is only 22, he sank into alcoholism and self harm after a series of disappointments in his young life. After a month he is already waking feeling positive and ready for each new day, knowing that if he does ‘fall off the wagon’ he has the tools and self-belief to pick himself up again. He is making plans and creating new connections to help him create a more fulfilling life.

Caro has severe hip disease. She is in constant pain and is looking at a long wait before she will get surgery. FMM helps her let go of the anxiety, despair and contraction in her muscles, reducing her pain and leaving her accepting, grateful and able to enjoy life as it is now – she can fully live with her pain.

You can apply FMM to almost anything. And the best think is, you don’t have to talk about it.

Want to know more? We have an online introductory workshop on 16th October, 10.30 -12.30. Book here.

More about FMM here


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