Employee Back at Work in a Week

Dave, MD of a local SME writes:

Jenny came to us straight from school and was a star from the start. She was popular, quick on the uptake, had an excellent phone manner and really understood the business. I expected her to become a key member of the team and was prepared to invest in her training.

Unfortunately, she went off sick with panic attacks and anxiety and I thought we were going to lose her. As we are a small team absence of just one person impacts on us all. So I gave Clare at Absolute Specialists a ring to see if she could help.

Clare suggested a short Focussed Mindfulness course and Jenny began a phased return to work after her second session – just a week later. After a month, by which time she had finished the 5-session course, she was back n her old role and seemed more relaxed and focussed than before. She now has the tools to manage her stress and is confident that she can stay well.

As well as the obvious benefit to Jenny and the team it saved the company a lot of hassle and expense. Well worth the investment!


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