Anna Joins The AS Team

Anna Joins The team!

Anna is joining the team at Absolute Specialists as the Director for the North West. She wants others to enjoy the benefits Focussed Mindfulness has given her. Below she explains more….

Hi Anna, what brought you to join us?

“I guess I was always someone who tried to find that inner peace I had heard about. I was seeking everywhere for guidance. I had read book after book- and some of them are actually really good and interesting- and useful. I did some mindfulness and some meditation, but never really stilled that busy mind. It all kept me going towards further searching so that I would find a better self confidence, less of beating myself up about this and that, becoming better at public speaking, etc etc. And being kinder to myself, having less emotional pain, being accepted by others.

The more I searched, the harder it got and the more I was beating myself up for not getting it. Frustration, anger- at points a glimpse of it, but then it disappeared again as my questions of myself came back. A life within fitness and academic achievements, comparing myself to others- and myself. Endlessly trying to be a better version of me.

With the Focussed Mindfulness Method I realised that it was already here, within me. What a laugh. I didn’t need to search. In actual fact it wasn’t until I stopped searching it appeared and stayed with me. The only thing I needed to do was to stop. Just stop.

It isn’t there every second of my life- my busy mind still takes the attention away from it, for sure. I’m alive and human. I haven’t reached Nirvana, life is still a journey. But I now have the tools to find it again when I get a bit lost. And if I can’t find it, if something have triggered me too much to stop, I can reach out to this beautiful community and someone will help me to find my own guide back.

you can email me direct if you would like to be in touch .

I think you have big plans for building a community similar to the one we have in West Yorkshire? 

Yes, I want to bring together people who are on a  journey of emotional and physical healing so we can support each other along the way. I really want other people to enjoy the health benefits, the joy in life and the inner peace I feel as a result of practicing Focussed Mindfulness. I already offer individual sessions and will soon launch meditation groups and classes where people can learn to use the techniques for themselves.

What is your Background?

I’m Swedish and moved here in 2003. I come from a professional background within historic buildings and conservation, and was for the last 13 years of my career working for Historic England, heading the team working with planning in the North-West. I hold a degree from Uppsala and Stockholm university in Music science, Art and building history, and Ethnology and a post degree in Building History with conservation and building conservation law.

But despite my long career within building conservation -or rather “managing change to buildings and their owners”- what has always “made my heart sing” has been working and training dogs and their owners-fascinated with the wordless body language and communication between both parties, and in that understanding the importance of the relationship between animals and people as well as the natural world and people. My other big interest has always been the relationship between body and mind within exercise. In 2018 I retrained to Fitness instructor and Comprehensive Pilates teacher.  

I first came across Clare and Focussed Mindfulness just after having resigned from Historic England, feeling lost and scared over the change and also later that autumn being diagnosed with cancer. I wish I had come across her and this amazing method earlier, but I’m everyday grateful for having found it. It came to me when I needed it and it is a pure privilege to share it with as many as are open to it. I would say everyone would benefit from it.

Where are you Based

I run my own Pilates business and share a studio space in Bollington. I currently live in Cheshire with my husband, two of our three daughters (one has moved back to Sweden), a cat, a dog and our horse. I offer individual sessions face to face and on zoom. You can contact me here:


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