Amazing Feedback from Frozen Child Introductory Talks

I gave an introductory talk to practitioners at The Therapy Rooms in Wakefield last month. it was well received:

“Thank you for providing a great and resourceful introductory session. 
I feel the evening provided me with an effective & revolutionary resource to help me support my clients in resolving their difficulties. Thank you.” Chege Mawangi. Counsellor.

“I attended the introductory workshop for focused mindfulness and found it to be an awe inspiring experience. The workshop is experiential (optional) Clare makes you feel at ease and being able to experience the process and hear such powerful stories of how this wonderful technique has helped free so many people had me hooked. I can’t wait to expand my skills and implement focused mindfulness into my own practice, i found it to be extremely powerful and emotional even though i only ‘dipped my toe’ into the process. I cannot wait to be fully emerged into my focused mindfulness journey! Lucy. Counsellor.

The Frozen Child is a guided meditation that allows clients to access a painful or even traumatic memory from their  past that, even though it is normally buried in their unconscious, is affecting how they react to life to this day. It allows a gentle process of soothing, healing and integration so it no longer drives their responses to life.

I will explain the theory behind the technique and why it is such an important tool for psychotherapists, holistic health practitioners and supervisors. You will be invited to experience the meditation for yourself. This may help heal something from your own past, but also demonstrate the power of the work.

The meeting is open to health practitioners and others wanting to explore this powerful approach and it will be followed by a one day workshop where you can gain a deeper understanding and begin to practice using the technique with others.

there is another evening organised in Sheffield on April 29th. Book now to grab the early bird rate. Click here for link.


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