Relationship Coaching using the Focussed Mindfulness Approach

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Guiding people to love mindfully and wholeheartedly .

Announcement! This course will now be held online. Attend day 1 on 3/4/20 and then, if you wish, progress to the in-depth course. 

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This is a course that teaches the Focussed Mindfulness Method for creating healthier relationships. It will give you a toolkit for your own life and if you wish to progress you can train to coach other people to culture healthier relationships with themselves, partners, family, community and at work.

  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Release past pain and build fresh, baggage-free relationships with yourself, loved ones, friends and colleagues.
  • Be guided by your inner wisdom: knowing when it is time to let go and when to commit.
  • Change lives by sharing these healing tools.

The course is for people wanting to undergo a year of deep personal healing and experience the techniques first-hand. Then those wishing to work towards a professional qualification will generally begin practicing under supervision in the second year although this is flexible, depending upon the skills and experience of each student.

The course offers training in Focussed Mindfulness (FM) which is an elegant, deep and rapid approach to relationship coaching. It heals childhood wounds which are influencing present day relationships, fosters forgiveness and compassion; develops peace of mind, integrity and clarity of purpose and enables conscious and effective communication.

In addition to FM, other techniques will be explored, so trainees acquire a broad skillset and are able to work flexibly with their clients. This equips them with techniques that work and that the client can take away and use to remain calm and mindful in challenging situations.

Our Teaching Approach

All AS training programmes give students first-hand experience of the power of the FM approach in uncovering and reconciling the root cause of their own fears, confusion and self-imposed limitations. They can then commit to continuing personal and professional development if they wish, working towards developing a compassionate, insightful practice, deeply listening to their clients before teaching them tools that calm them, heal them, clear their minds and empower them.

The Course consists of:

This course offers a one-day workshop to learn fundamental skills, then you can if you wish progress to a life transforming 9 months where you will learn Focussed Mindfulness tools that will support you to let go of preconceptions and conditioning, become clear about your own deepest values and what you have to offer and be increasingly able to communicate consciously. Over the time you will work to build healthier relationships with yourself, your partner, family, friends, fellow students, clients and professional colleagues.

Usually in the second year (the timing is flexible according to your depth of personal development, some people need more time than others) you can begin to practice under supervision and work towards independent practice according to Absolute Specialists’ code of ethics and practice.

Accreditation will be offered when students can demonstrate a high level of self awareness, presence, have an established mindfulness and reflexive practice and can use the focussed mindfulness tools confidently, competently and flexibly with clients.

Year 1

Taught/Mentored time:

9 5-hour workshops: practical sessions comprising:

  • Live demonstrations of the techniques
  • Observed practice in pairs and triads
  • Group discussions

10 one to one person-centred supervision sessions with an AS accredited supervisor.

Self Study

  • Online course and background reading
  • A reflective journal
  • Daily mindfulness practice

Students will work through the online Focussed Mindfulness course over the year. This will provide the theoretical base for the more practically-focussed group workshops.

The online course covers:

  • Models of health and disease: the three-legged stool, levels of consciousness, the lily pond, brain function, trauma and the enneagram.
  • Mindfulness techniques: conscious writing, active listening, the empty chair.
  • Focussed Mindfulness Techniques: questioning thoughts, the frozen child, the pain release process, the heart to heart, the memory change, parts integration.

Year 2

Working towards practice

  • 10 one to one supervision sessions with an AS qualified supervisor, in person or on zoom.
  • 8 practice development workshops.
  • Feedback from peers, supervisors and trainers.
  • A reflective journal including personal challenges, learning, critical enquiry on practice sessions.
  • Practice hours under supervision.


As the first year unfolds you will receive handouts that create a manual of the techniques taught in the course


Absolute Specialists trainee and licenced practitioners must hold appropriate public liability insurance, DBS checks , ICO registration and agree to abide by the Absolute Specialists code of ethics and conduct.

The Director of Absolute Specialists reserves the right to withhold accreditation until you have undertaken further personal development work to address any areas where this is deemed necessary. You have the right to appeal to our professional conduct officer.

Once granted accreditation you will be offered an annual review with an Absolute Supervisor where you can reflect on your CPD in the previous year and on your needs for the following year.

Where all these conditions are met and your subscription has been paid you can appear on the Absolute-Specialists directory.


Foundation workshop: £37

Life transformation (year 1): £2000

Professional training (year 2):  £1000

This can be paid in monthly instalments.

Dates for 2020

3.4.20                  Introductions, Active listening skills, Mindfulness exercises

1.5.20                    Questioning thoughts exercise: gaining a more mindful perspective                         

29.5.20                  The Frozen Child Process: healing trauma                                             

3.7.20                    Transactional analysis and non-violent communication                                  

31.7.20                  The Pain Release Process: releasing emotional baggage                 

4.9.20                    Change Memory Process: empowerment and self-belief               

2.10.20                  The Heart to Heart Meditation: forgiveness and letting go of the past

6.11.20                  Understanding love contracts, dealing with coercive behaviour, domestic violence

4.12.19                  Review, ethics, supervision, congruent practice

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