Are you ready for a new Challenge?

Are you ready for a challenge and wanting a new opportunity that will bring fulfilment, great friendships and life-changing personal development? Then perhaps you could become a TWM practitioner and support people who are lost, struggling with health issues or trapped in a life that has no meaning for them.

may of these students are now accredited practitioners

What will it give you?

You will learn a toolkit that can bring real support, healing and power to people who need it, regardless of their ability to pay. You will become part of a close-knit dedicated team, you will gain a deep understanding of a truly life-transforming toolkit.  You can integrate this into your existing practice or become an accredited TWM practitioner. Reach out now – it could well be one of the most significant conversations of your life!

My vision

I set up Absolute Specialists 13 years ago with a vision.

I knew I had developed something really powerful: a toolkit that offered a simple way for people to free themselves from their suffering and find not only peace of mind, but clarity about what was important to them and the energy and courage to create a life full of meaning and purpose.

Since then, through me and the practitioners I have trained, The Walters Method (TWM) has reached hundreds if not thousands of individuals; I have an established company that ensures that practitioners sharing the toolkit are not only professional and compassionate but also just plain excellent at what they do and, with a great team, I have set up a social enterprise. This is effectively reaching people who are less able to pay or would not consider reaching out to the private sector for help.

We have worked with people who have been floored by an unwanted divorce; struggling to make their relationships work; debilitated by pain or grief; suffering anxiety, depression, trauma and other life-limiting issues and young people who are lost, feel powerless, are self-harming or suicidal.

We want to reach more people in 2023

In this corner of West Yorkshire our social enterprise is now well established and trusted by statutory bodies and the third sector and TWM has been recognised as a quick and powerful way to transform peoples’ lives.

In 2023 we are raising the game. We are publishing two peer reviewed papers formally introducing the world to TWM and sharing the spectacular results we have achieved over the past couple of years.

We are setting up a new company that will provide support for people wanting to become TWM practitioners and continue to be the glue that keeps established practitioners feeling supported and with the resources to create a flourishing practice that fits with their other commitments.

We are partnering with Flourish In Mind to support people at work.

And we are spreading our reach across the Pennines and down into eastern England. We have team leaders in Yorkshire, Norfolk and Cheshire so far and this will increase as we grow and spread.

Want to be part of it?

Would you like to work on your own personal development for a year while you learn the TWM toolkit? At the end of the year you may want to consider becoming an accredited TWM practitioner, or over the months you may find another path that will continue to support you in the future as you gain clarity of purpose – you wouldn’t be expected to know at this stage. But rest assured, the time spent training with us will be one of the best investments of your life.

We haven’t set dates for the next foundation course yet, but here is the programme for the course currently running so you can get an idea of the content. 

The investment in the first year is £2K and £1K in the second year as you move into supervised practice.  

If you would like a career that brings real support, healing and power to people who are struggling. If you would like to join a close-knit dedicated team, if you would like a deep understanding of a truly life-transforming toolkit them please get in touch for a chat. Reach out now – it could well be one of the most significant conversations of your life.

Recent reviews from Google:

‘This method gifted me myself back. It’s practical on a ‘soul level.’
I was able to connect with my inner self so easily which was a massive surprise to me. The visualising and descriptive work around how things feel really helped me to approach and resolve issues in a way that was totally ‘me.’ I think this is why it’s so powerful – the practitioner leads you to yourself for the answers in an empowering and affirming way that feels completely permanent for me. I know what people mean now when they say ‘something shifted. Thank you so much to my amazing practitioner, Hazel.’ Lucy – client.

I have found both personally and as a therapist that this approach is powerful and healing. I first experienced the method for myself and went on to train to be a practitioner. I now use this method in my work with people who may have tried other approaches without experiencing such profound change.’ Hazel – senior TWM practitioner

‘For so many years I was stuck, trying to move. TWM helped me find myself. I don’t even know how it happened at the time but it was life changing. It still is on a daily basis. I don’t know why more people don’t try this amazing method.’ Anna- TWM trainer.

‘These are life changing techniques that change long held unhelpful beliefs (which were previously unrecognised) and access a deep inner peace. People have commented on how much I’ve changed. The techniques are gentle and give you tools which can be taken away and used to keep unhelpful thoughts and patterns away. I highly recommend.’ Jane – client.


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