Improving Employee Resilience – case study



“I have felt such a positive shift in my situation after just one session. If only I could bring this into my office, I know that others would really benefit from this work”Background.  This client came to me as she felt she was at a point in her life had become very stressful and she felt unable to resolve the situation as she felt “stuck”


After the 1st session she said that she had felt such a positive shift in her situation that she wanted to continue to work with me to get herself into a healthier state and gain more perspective on her life.

During her consultation she spoke about stress in her workplace and said “if only i could bring you into my office, I know others that would really benefit from this work.”


I explained that yes, it was possible as all of the techniques that I use can address every area of our lives.  Every consultatio n is individually tailored specifically to  meet the individuals need. I was clear that it is not always just work issues that place people under stress.  Balancing work and home is a challange for many people in this current economic and financial climate, and the impact on mental health is becoming more apparent in daily life.


I asked her specifically what was it that she felt they needed support with? She said there was just an “unsettled feeling” within the office.  As a company it was agreed by the management that they were experiencing a high level of absenteeism, stress amongst all departments and general apathy throughout the office. The company was also looking at restructuring and redundancies.


As the business was going through a major re-organisation and people were working there were living with a real threat and uncertantity that their job may disapear in the restructuring process.


As a result of the discussion she decided to bring me into her office as part of staff wellbeing  program.  It was agreed that i would offer the following:


A confidential 1 hour 1:1 session to all members of staff.


The idea was that it would give all employees an opportunity to speak to someone independently, in a safe confidential and non-judgemental space.

Prior to the Focussed Mindful session an email was sent to all staff advising them that I would be coming into the office on the agreed date.  We decided to offer 1:1 appointments and leave a space for a drop in session as we were unsure of the level  of interest, but thought just seeing me in the office may encourage attendance or create interest.  The second email was sent with asking people to book a time slot.  The demand was huge and within 5 minutes of sending the email all the slots were fully booked with 1 hour consultations.


The feedback from sessions indicated that they had found useful and really had benefited by having someone independent to listen.  Each person said they really appreciated the opportunity to try something to benefit their “wellbeing” and expressed that they had felt heard.  The session enabled them to acknowledge how they were feeling, although previously they hadn’t been able to stop and look at their situation. They found the tools useful and easy to use and felt they would be able to use them to deal with stress and anxiety in the future.


One client wrote

“Maria made me feel at ease.  The complete opposite to my counselling sessions where I tend to leave downbeat.   With Maria I felt Happier and more upbeat, and I also felt a spring in my step. Thank you so much Maria.”


Within a month of the Focussed Mindfulness session the office had announced a number of redundancies.  It was noted by management there a difference from how people reacted to the news.  The people who had had the opportunity to experience Focussed Mindfulness sessions were in a much healthier place to be able to move forward.  Their reaction to redundancy was much more in line with the view of where do I want to go from here…. Viewing it as an a new opportunity than a rejection.


Here are a couple of examples of how people viewed their choices.

  1. Explained that she was going to her redundancy money to retrain in a field that she’d only ever dreamt about. She decided that now she could make it her reality.


  1.   Said she had been unhappy in her job for many years but had just felt unable or frightened to make the leap to something else.  She viewed the support to find alternative employment a huge advantage in her job search.

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