Heidi returns to work in better shape than before

Heidi went off sick with anxiety a year ago. She felt she could not cope with the pressure of her job. After a month her company paid for her to do a course of Focussed Mindfulness as she was a valuable member of the team and they did not want to lose her.

She began a phased return a week after her first session with one of our team and in a month she had finished the programme, was fully engaged in her old role and was looking to take on more responsibility.

A year on we contacted her boss- CEO of a small local company and asked how she was doing. Here is the response:

“Heidi is coping with pressure and change so well since she returned to work. she seems to be looking after herself better and she looks and acts healthier (and happier). …..But we’ve not just got the old Heidi back. She has matured and massively grown in confidence – an absolute delight to have on the team, and doing an amazing job”.




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