Wellbeing at Work

Keep your team engaged and productive with TWM

Our compassionate and skilled team offer online or in person support for individuals. We teach a simple and powerful toolkit for employees to:

  • deal with issues and challenges in their lives that are impacting on their work and health
  • get clear on their values and work/life balance
  • refind their energy and enthusiasm  

We teach employees tools to recover their focus and sense of purpose when stress, emotional or relationship challenges are impacting on their health, wellbeing and ability to engage at work.

Our standard support is 5 confidential hour long sessions at weekly intervals.

“As an employment advisor I see a lot of people who suffer ill health as a result of the stress and anxiety casued by employment difficulties. TWM have worked with a number of my clients to help them address these problems and I have witnessed first hand some really astonshing results in a very short space of time. They are great to have on hand as a business associate.” Anna.

Supporting Mental Health First Aiders

We support mental health first aiders by offering confidential one to one sessions for employees that need more help. 

We offer workshops sharing powerful stress-reduction tools with groups of up to 10 employees.

We provide companies with bespoke packages of support – usually comprised of workshops for groups of employees and extra individual support for those at risk of needing extended time off because of mental health issues. Please contact us to explore how we can help your company .

We are trained, regulated, insured and experienced at working with trauma and PTSD, self-harming and suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, low confidence, anxiety, anger, depression and anything between.

We can work flexibly online or face to face.

Our approach is practical and gives people the tools to use for themselves so they tend to continue to improve after the sessions. As a guide, most people need only 5 sessions.

We can deliver support on an as-needed basis or be by your side as a bespoke Employee Assistance  Service. 


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