Stop thinking yourself crazy

Do your thoughts drive you mad? Do you lie awake thinking you will go crazy unless you can stop them whirring round your head? Does a memory often pop into your mind, triggering  painful emotions and affecting how you communicate? This workshop is for you! The Questioning Thoughts Technique (based on The Work by Byron […]

2024: Transform your life with TWM

Embark on a life transforming year in January 2024! Experience the power of TWM for freeing your mind and finding the clarity and confidence to create the life you are here to live. Travel through the year with a supportive group and then, if it is your dream,  apply to become a TWM practitioner. Enquire […]

The story of TWM

The story behind The Walters Method TWM TWM effectively frees people from depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma and gives them a healthier, more optimistic and empowered perspective of themselves, their relationships and their lives. The founder of Absolute Specialists, Clare Walters, has developed a mental health toolkit (TWM) that gives people a means […]

Are you ready for a new Challenge?

Are you ready for a challenge and wanting a new opportunity that will bring fulfilment, great friendships and life-changing personal development? Then perhaps you could become a TWM practitioner and support people who are lost, struggling with health issues or trapped in a life that has no meaning for them. Find out more What will it […]

TWM Heals Childhood Trauma

TWM gives people the tools to heal their childhood trauma. It doesn’t require them to talk about their experiences – or even remember them – it simply frees them from the impact it has on their thinking, emotions and responses.  TWM gets straight to the root cause Over the last 3 years 9 TWM practitioners […]

Our Goathland Retreat was a huge success

breakkfast at goathland retreat

Our latest retreat at Goathland near Whitby was enjoyed by all!    Bracing walks….. Sumptuous and leisurely meals….. Gourmet plant-based dinners….. Peaceful location in heart of North York Moors. Some of the feedback……. ‘I really liked the pacing of the weekend. It allowed enough free time, time for work and for leisurely eating. The flexibility […]

Specialists in Self-Harm Support

Our self-harm support toolkit really helps. Get Support ‘I feel that I am worth something – you have helped me see things differently’ Jesse, 16 Most of our clients feel less anxious and happier by the end of the first appointment. 90% find that their symptoms are significantly better after 3 sessions. We have practitioners […]

Freedom from Anxiety with Focussed Mindfulness

This is Lou’s Focussed Mindfulness story – she has had debilitating anxiety all her life. Hi, Lou, thanks for sharing your experience of Focussed Mindfulness. Why did you first seek help? I came to see Clare because I was suffering with intense anxiety and panic attacks that I have had since my teens; I am […]

Which of your relationships needs a reset?

Reset those relationships that bring you down. It is perhaps the best investment you ever make! There are so many potential benefits. In the short term you will become happier, lighter and have more energy and in the longer term the skills you learn will improve all your relationships – starting with the one with […]

Anna Joins The AS Team

Anna Joins The team! Anna is joining the team at Absolute Specialists as the Director for the North West. She wants others to enjoy the benefits Focussed Mindfulness has given her. Below she explains more…. Hi Anna, what brought you to join us? “I guess I was always someone who tried to find that inner […]


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