Transforming Pain into Purpose: The Power of The Walters Method

Transforming Pain into Purpose: The Power of The Walters Method In my work as a trainer of the walters method (TWM)  there are days that leave me humbled by the profound privilege of my work. Yesterday was one such day. As I facilitated the TWM practitioner course, I found myself surrounded by a cohort of […]

Two Constellations Workshops

Family Constellations and Nature Constellations- We are really excited to be offering two constellations workshops on 7th June and 19th July. Those of you who have worked with Gill Duffield before will know what a treat this is! You can attend both for a reduced fee, they are complementary. Booking details Workshop 1: 7th June. […]

Gut Wellness for Enhanced Vitality

Gut Wellness Workshop Friday 26th April 10-12 Delve into the fascinating realm of your gut microbiome and unlock the potential for enhanced vitality and health. Book here Uncover the profound impact of trillions of microorganisms within your digestive system and their role in holistic health. Explore the intersection of nutrition, stress management, sleep, and mindful […]

TWM’s Community Work

TWM awarded £20K to Support Kirklees Survivors of Domestic Abuse TWm is a not-for-profit company that works in the community of Kirklees and across West Yorkshire. We are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded a grant by The Mayor’s ‘Safer Communities Fund’. Pictured are Sarah (our chair) and Beth, Lynne B and […]

TWM Helped My Covid Recovery

TWM Supported My Recovery from Post-Viral Fatigue I had a really tough virus just before Christmas. I tested several times and it wasn’t Covid. Only I think it was. I recognise the strange feeling every time after taking the vaccine. As if the nervous system can’t find the connection to the muscles. And I work […]

Start living your life purpose in 2024

Gain a deep understanding of TWM in the 2024 Foundation Course You are invited to embark on your own journey to heal past pain, release your story about who you are and live with more and more integrity and joy. The TWM foundation course 2024 will give you a set of short, direct and evidence-based […]

TWM – revolutionary approach to emotional wellbeing

Join us at one of 4 introductory workshops we are holding this autumn.  Say goodbye to all that is holding you back and find the clarity, confidence and emotional freedom to live your best life. The Walters Method (TWM) is a transformatory 5 step programme for healing trauma, letting go of the past, trusting the […]

Wanted! SMEs To Pilot Our New Service

Are you an SME Looking to Support Your Team’s Wellbeing? We want 5 SMEs to pilot our new Workplace Wellbeing Service. We are offering reduced rates in return for feedback as we develop this new offer. We already know we are effective at reducing absence and increasing employee productivity and engagement. Now we want to […]

Stop thinking yourself crazy

Do your thoughts drive you mad? Do you lie awake thinking you will go crazy unless you can stop them whirring round your head? Does a memory often pop into your mind, triggering  painful emotions and affecting how you communicate? This workshop is for you! The Questioning Thoughts Technique (based on The Work by Byron […]

2024: Transform your life with TWM

Embark on a life transforming year in January 2024! Experience the power of TWM for freeing your mind and finding the clarity and confidence to create the life you are here to live. Travel through the year with a supportive group and then, if it is your dream,  apply to become a TWM practitioner. Enquire […]


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