About us

We are a community of people who use TWM (formerly called the Focussed Mindfulness Method) in our daily lives. 

TWMIt is an innovative, approach for freeing the mind and seeing with increasing clarity how to be, how to find fulfilment and be clear about your life purpose. It offers tools that can be used in daily practice or at times of challenge and uncertainty.

Our accredited practitioners offer one to one sessions where you can work on your personal issues at your own pace; relationship coaching and a foundation course where you can immerse yourself in a year of personal growth, focussing on yourself  and your issues and gaining a deep, experiential understanding of the techniques while becoming increasingly calm, compassionate and clear.

We also offer retreats and workshops; and advanced training to become an accredited practitioner, a supervisor or trainer. All students spend their first year focussing on themselves and their own issues so they gain a deep, experiential understanding of the techniques while becoming increasingly mindful, compassionate and skilled.

The Walters Method Ltd is directed by Clare Walters, the founder of TWM, who is based in Yorkshire and Anna Boxer, an advanced practitioner and trainer, who is based in the North West. 

Hazel Bamber,  Sara Domville, Sarah Greensides and Helen Liddell  sit on our board. They offer guidance, bring their unique skills and perspective and ensure that our ethos, mission and operations are congruent with our values.

What people say

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